We try our best to ensure the safety of our crew members on the field in all aspects of work
Jimmulya understands that  HSE is a fundamental issue in all projects and it has always been a priority to us. We try our best to ensure the safety of our crew members on the field in all aspects of work. Whether it is in a deep jungle or open area, whether they are on a boat or a vehicle, safety plays an important role in every steps of the way. Furthermore, a sound HSE Management system will provide better effeciency and effectiveness for everyone that is involved in the project; it could save time and money through a well implemented HSE system.
We always try to communicate the importance of HSE to everyone and how it can impact their work and the project as a whole. Sometimes employees, need to be reminded on how important HSE is. Besides personal health and safety and the environment, HSE also could play a huge factor in making the project runs better and more profitable. Besides being healthy and safe while working, everyone also need to be reminded that the surrounding area/environment that we work in also need to be taken into good care. We have to understand that there should be minimal impact on the evironment and the local community which we try to work together with. As a company that often times work in remote areas and small villages, it is fundemental to work closely together with the local communities if possible. The partnership with the locals often times bring positive impacts to the projects and the community.
Communications on HSE does not only comes from our supervisors to the crew on the field but also we always discussed various HSE issues with our clients and other contractors working on the site. A fluid communications between one another is very important in making the system better. Overall, HSE  management system will aide and guide us to ensure a great and positive work performance, ensuring the health and safety of employees and personnel, complying with the local regulations and law, enhancing business reputation in the community, and satisfying the clients and partners that we work with. Jimmulya has received a number of recognitions for its HSE performance and also we will always try to improve and do our best in all our projects, especially in its HSE aspects.